At Collision Solutions, community involvement is at the fore-front of our organization.

We are always excited and Proud to help an outstanding community member!

Good Afternoon Joel, Ryan & the Team at Collision Solutions,

I want to personally thank you for your contribution in helping me acquire a vehicle for Graydon.

I have known Laura through Miller Automotive for a few years now.  I had not met Graydon until recently when he brought his 2000 Ford Focus in to see us, as he was having some lighting issues. Through-out the process of diagnosing Graydon’s vehicle, I had the opportunity to spend a bit of time talking to Graydon. We talked about his hockey team, his classes at school, and we talked in length about how much he uses his vehicle and what it means for him to have a set of wheels. 

At first it was the generic sixteen year old responses, drive to see friends, drive to hockey, drive to work, the freedoms that every sixteen year old experiences with their car. 

It was difficult relaying the results of our diagnosis as Graydon’s car was unfortunately beyond an affordable repair. The main wiring harness had melted from front to rear and it had already started to melt the underside of the floor and carpet. 
It wasn’t until that point that I truly got to meet Graydon, when we got to the heart of it; above all else, Graydon uses his vehicle to help his family by getting his brother and sister to their activities and to school etc. He’s the man of the house, and I say that with great esteem. Your contribution to this has not just helped a young man, you’ve helped a family, and on a greater scale, a community. 

Thank you so much, please share this sentiment and thank you, for all that were involved with your contribution as it is so greatly appreciated by Laura, Graydon, Gabbie, and Gavin Bishop!

Helping our community


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